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Preeclampsia and Eclampsia. Questions & Answers

Preeclampsia and Eclampsia (Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension ...
Preeclampsia is a disorder occurring between the twentieth week of pregnancy and the first week postpartum characterized by hypertension, proteinuria, and.

BabyCenter: FAMEbaby В» Blog Archive В» Duggar baby's premature ...
Pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects 5 to 8 percent of expectant moms, causing hypertension in pregnancy. Doctors at the hospital detected the problem when Michelle was admitted complaining of pain related to gallstones. ...

eclampsia advice - Pet Forums Community
Hi everyone, my 4 and a half year old lhasapoo has given birth 10 days ago to 6 pups. Everything was fine until last night when she started with.

Parthenogenesis В» parthenogenesis in humans, human parthenogenesis ...
Tags: eclampsia, human parthenogenesis, parthenogenesis, parthenogenesis in humans, virgin birth, virgin birth in humans. Speak Your Mind. Tell us what you're thinking... and oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, ...

Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy raises the risk of thyroid problems
BBC News reported that pregnant women who have pre-eclampsia are more likely to suffer from thyroid problems. This news comes from well-conducted research that used two separate studies to...

Eclampsia - Pet Forums Community
Hi We are expecting a litter of 8 adorable tzus. Its our first time I want to have everything ready. Whelping kit almost done My neighbour has said.

PRES (Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome) and Eclampsia ...
Eclampsia is one of the important causes of PRES. Most patients have severe hypertension, some have only mildly elevated or even normal blood pressure. Symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, altered mental status, seizures, ...

Internet has been down for almost two weeks – that's why the blog has been silent. Only today I managed to connect. In the western world you never see full blown ecamplasia with sky-high blood pressure, deep unconsciousness and seizures ...

Has my mum got pre-eclampsia?
Hi my name is crystal im 26 and pregnant with my 3rd son..im 33 weeks and 3 days today !!! I went to the dr yesterday and I gained 11 lbs in 2eeks and I had a 24 hrs urine protein level of 767 last Friday but my blood pressure remains low when im at the dr office but high while im at home… I was wondering why I would have such high protein levels and such a rapid weight gain but not high blood pressure??? In my 2 previous pregnancies I had preeclampsia and the 2nd one I had eclampsia with the headaches, vision loss and seizures plus I had the placenta ruptures with both of them. Im very concerned with having the same thing with this one or maybe worse then before but some of the dr I see doesn’t seem to think I have anything to worry about and then other drs to worry but only a lil…during this pregnancy they did find out that I have a blood clot disorder and I have been taking fragmin shots daily but im also worried about the taking those and then having severe blood loss when I have the c section… I was wondering if anyone had even went through it so bad with the 1st two pregnancies but the 3rd one be ok??? Thanks any help would be great!!!!

Rapid weight gain and high protein levels while pregnant but not high blood pressure?
I am 29 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure has been up and down from about 19 weeks, one day it's fine the next it's high, last week it was 157/106 and then that afternoon it went down to 137/80! I saw my consultant today and she said that it was borderline today and I have to have it checked weekly. My Urine is always clear and I have been cleared of pre eclampsia, what could the reason my blood pressure being so erratic?? Also I was wanting to give birth in the midwife lead unit and I was told today that I could only do this if my blood pressure stabilised at a good level which was unlikely. Has anyone had this happen to them? Did it settle towards the end of your pregnancy? Thanks

High blood pressure in Pregnancy?
last week at my midwife appointment she said i had protein in my urine and she said it looks like i've had it all the way through (from my notes) she wanted me to do a sample but didn't have any available so i coudldn't do one and she said if i start to have burning when i wee then to contact them. but what are any other signs of pre eclampsia because i have been having severe pain in my back to the point i can hardly move, whether im sitting standing or laying down. i sometimes feel really dizzy and sick and been having pains in my abdomen (irregular). i never had any of this with my daughter so i'm confused as to whether its normal for all of these or its something to do with the protein in my urine? please help, im getting worried and don't see my midwife until next wednesday. im 38 weeks pregnant

what are the signs of pre eclampsia?
OK, here's the deal, She's 21 weeks pregnant, she has pre-eclampsia, and she's letting it stress her out BIG TIME! Im trying my best to keep her calm and have as little stress as possible. here's the problem. She took herself off bed rest! Her dr. told her she's gotta be on bed rest till she's 34 weeks pregnant and then she can be induced. How do I make her stay in bed?!?!

Ok, Ladies help me she's gonna hurt herself and the baby?
I'm 37 weeks today, and have suffered with high blood pressure all the way through this pregnancy starting at 8 weeks when i went to hospital with severe headaches and blurred vision - my bp was about 160/100 then and the drs were in 2 minds whether to medicate or not but decided not to and just to monitor me more closely tham a normal pregnancy. My bp has remained continously around 140-150 over 80/90 since then, and the midwifes always comment at every appointment that it is high, but never seem to do anything about it - just record in my notes that it is high. I have an appointment today and i am going to ask how high it has to go before they will do anything as i am worrying myself that i'm going to develop pre-eclampsia or something. The highest it has been in the last few weeks is 159/90. My sister in law is also a nurse and she is surprised that my midwives haven't suggested inducing me now i am full-term? Anyone have experience of high bp at 37 weeks? What ended up happening? Do you think induction is a possibility if my bp stays up like this or is 159/90 not that high? Thankyou xx

37 weeks pregnant - blood pressure question?
hi i am 36 weeks pregnant and today have noticed my fingers have swollen up like sausages feel real tight to bend, used home blood pressure machine which said it was a little bit higher than normal but nothing drastic, but last couple of days i have had a funny head feels like i am light headed drousy eyes and i suffer from headaches any way but have had some as well, so i am feeling weird, i not got midwife till next thursday so am thinking to ring up and ask?......

i am 36 weeks pregnant with swollen fingers, pre-eclampsia?
1.) In the US, which of the following recent trends is TRUE? All gynecologists are trained as obstetricians, and vice versa. Medical students are increasingly choosing not to specialize in obstetrics. Average salary is increasing. All of the above.

2.) In general, the eye care professional who is able to perform eye surgery is the orthoptist ophthalmologist optician optometrist
3.) The type of testing used to detect changes in a fetus' genes or chromosomes before birth is called amniocentesis diagnostic testing carrier testing forensic testing
 4.) A-scan ultrasound biometry is a routine type of diagnostic test used in ophthalmology obstetrics gynecology cardiology
5.) The procedure of artificially initiating labor is called Caesarean section ectopic pregnancy pre-eclampsia induction
6.) Which of the following statements is TRUE about Caesarean Sections? Julius Caesar was likely a C-section baby Mortality rates of C-sections are comparable to those of vaginal births A C-section may be recommended when vaginal delivery may pose a risk to the mother or the baby After a C-section, all subsequent birth must be C-sections as well
7.) One of the more common operations that gynecologists perform, the removal of the ovaries is called a/an tubal ligation oophorectomy hysterectomy colposuspension
8.) The eye care professional that provides eyeglass lenses is the optician ophthalmologist orthoptist optometrist
9.) Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding ultrasonography used for obstetrics? It can render live images. The technology is such that anyone using it can acquire good-quality images. Current evidence indicates that diagnostic ultrasound is safe for the unborn child. None of the above.
10.) According to the information in the modules, the most common form of eye surgery is refractive surgery. extra-ocular muscle surgery. glaucoma surgery. cataract removal.

Questions please help (:?
I am a bit late on this but my son is now 8 months old i had Pre-eclampsia with him and put up four stone/56pounds/25 kg's which ever everyone uses... my partners family are completely on weight etc and his cousin in tiny and having her baby in January and i know everyone is going to judge my weight ten months later to hers a day later. I have lost about 2 stone of it already but want to lose the rest safely but ASAP.... As my partner was made redundant he is always home and eats crap and there fore i do... i need recipes that are quick easy and that he may enjoy to without feeling like he's eating rabbit food? any ideas please? P.S i do actually want to lose this weight for ME as i want to feel sexy again but the way my in-laws doesn't help at all :)That is what i am doing !!!! i'm just looking for advice on healthy easy meals consider i have a small child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don;t bother answering please if you don't have advice.. thank you!Yeah i have looked into this as both of us (myself and my partner) were made redundant so no money for those "luxuries" that is why its also harder for me to diet because i am depressed because of the money situation and surprise surprise 'crap' foods are cheaper :)

Dieting.. what to eat?
three weeks after whelping puppies, persistant vomiting. can a b**** get eclampsia from giving supplements that have calcium in them? if so and that happens, what would one do? go to vet or just stop, supplements?thank you very much for your answers, this stuff is very confusing to someone with no experience. its amazing to me as i continue my research, as to how many complications there really is. now i am glad and very happy that i am doing the research, i could only imagine, what would happen, if i did not know these things. dont worry though, i still have much research to do and will not be breeding anytime soon. :-) thanks again!thank you dances with woofs, very informitive. the two dogs that i do have are already spayed and nutderd. bobo is my akc registerd Doberman, he is nutderd do to the z factor in his breeding lines that i found out about in my research about a year ago. he is 2 years old and very loved!! lol milie, also a very loved dog of mine is my female AKC mini schnauzer, is spayed simply because i am not ready for puppies! i do not have the time or knowledge, and probably will not for at least ten years. i do appreciate your concern though.

Eclampsia Research Question?
ok so with pre eclampsia does your blood pressure go up and stay up or does it go up and down cause yesterday my bp was 158/78 and today it was 122/69 so whats going on? i have a little protein in my urine so i might have pre e but i dont know cause i dont know how bp works please help me so does your bp stay up with pre eclapsia or go up and down

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